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~ "If you are phenomenally successful, you don't get rich-you change the world."

~ David Borstein

My reasons for starting All Good Things (“AGT”) were simple. I had an unyielding passion to provide young women with tools of encouragement to help them live up to their fullest potential. I wanted these young women to fulfill their goals without financial or personal circumstances holding them back. I wanted “good things” to come to them for being fighters and for making honorable choices despite some of the hardships life may have thrown their way. I had no idea how I was going to execute this mission, but a seed was planted within me and it began to grow. I did my homework and with help from friends and family, I created a non-profit that was aligned with my vision and in 2011, AGT was born.

Under AGT, we will be creating various subsidiary projects that are aligned with our mission. I’m proud to kick off AGT with our first planned venture Project Prom Queen. Please click on the link provided or the "Projects" tab above to learn more about Project Prom Queen.

I see nothing but growth and a deeply rooted future for AGT. It's our goal to continue making "good things" happen for young women now so they can have a better later. All we have is this moment, and I want to make a difference through helping YOU. Then, I’ll know I truly lived. I hope you will support and join us on this amazing journey.

All Good Things,

Jasmine Irons


Jasmine Irons

Founder of AGT



Jasmine Irons

Founder/CEO of AGT

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Making Good Things Happen for Young Women

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